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Our Chaplains

Chaplains Ron & Brandi Dorres

Ron and Brandi are the founders of Refuge & Recovery Chaplains Ministries (RRCM). Ron has an Honorary Doctorate from the School of Chaplain Fellowship Ministries in Texas. Through RRCM, Ron facilitates men and women to fulfill their call as Chaplains in doing the work of God in helping others. He works at the Orange County Child Abuse Prevention Center and San Bernardino County rehabilitating and feeding those in need. Ron facilitates outreaches and is active in gang prevention and intervention. He also works with Big Al at The Rivers Edge Men’s Ranch in Lucerne Valley. His wife Brandi is a Hospice and Palliative Care Chaplain. She has a bachelor in psychology from Vanguard University in Costa Mesa and her Masters in Chaplaincy through Liberty University. They both work together in helping those who are lost, in need and looking for hope. Read more about Ron’s story in Pivot Point magazine (Premier Issue in the Summer of 2010).

Alfonso Aceves (Big Al), Chaplain

Big Al is the Vice-President of RRCM. He is the Director of The Rivers Edge Men’s Ranch in Lucerne Valley. He helps men change their life daily through hope in Christ. In addition to helping the men at the ranch, Big Al provides food and help to those living in Lucerne Valley, Victorville, Apple Valley and other surrounding high desert areas. Big Al speaks at churches, prisons, conferences, and outreaches to encourage those that through Christ all things are possible. Big Al has also been featured on the 700 Club and Pivot Point magazine (Premier Issue in the Spring of 2010).

Nancy Bright, Chaplain

Nancy is active in outreach ministries. Her heart is in changing lives while working with those in prison by bringing them the salvation and promise of Jesus Christ. Nancy also helps teens, the elderly, those in the hospital, does bible studies, weddings, and funerals.

Lon Lliff, Chaplain

Lon preaches and teaches the word of God to men in prisons and in churches. He currently works with The Rivers Edge Church and New Wine Church in bible studies and outreach ministries. Lon also works within West Valley Detention Center and Norwalk’s, California Youth Authority (CYA) in bringing life to those behind bars.

Bill (William) Wright, Chaplain

Bill has a Bachelors degree (Summa Cum Laude) from Vanguard University in Costa Mesa with a Masters in process. He currently is the Facilitator, Case Manager, and Chaplain at Beach Cities Interfaith Services in downtown Main Street Huntington Beach. This ministry provides emergency assistance consisting of food, clothing, hygiene, financial support and counseling to those who are homeless or in need. Bill has been a Senior Pastor, Board Certified Hospital Chaplain in Orange County Hospitals and Crisis Manager for many years. He does Crisis intervention for city police and fire departments. Bill also is active in Calvary Churches, bible studies, group fellowships, case management, chemical and life rehabilitation, community church meetings, jails, nursing homes, and prisons.

Bradley Nottingham, Chaplain

Bradley is currently on the board of trustees, youth leadership, treasurer and play’s piano at his local church. He directs bible studies in the high desert and volunteers at Barstow’s Veterans home. Bradley also is active in hospital visitation, nursing homes, and motorcycle ministries.

Chaplains Dave and Teresa Marks

Dave and Teresa ride and serve with a Christian motorcycle organization to carry the gospel into the motorcycling world. They also use their motorcycles while participating in prison outreach events in multiple correctional facilities throughout Northern California in an attempt to bring the gift of hope and change to those who are locked up. Teresa has a heart for counseling abused women, and co-facilitates a Grace Group at Hope Church in Los Gatos. Grace Groups are a 12-week recovery group program for individuals who experienced physical, emotional, spiritual, verbal, or sexual abuse in their past.

Enrique Hernandez, Chaplain
(714) 969-4020

Enrique has been serving Lord for over 10 years and has a heart for those who are in need of God’s love or need an understanding for God’s forgiveness and grace. He currently is reaching out to those in the San Gabriel Valley/ L.A. County in areas of praying with those who are hospitalized, delivering the Word to those who may be incarcerated, and leading a men’s bible study in West Covina. Chaplain Enrique’s mission throughout the world is to work with the wounded and lost, and to connect with Real men dealing with Real life.

Larry Jackson, Chaplain

Larry’s gift is providing Christ’s compassion to those who are sick or dying, along with their families. He ministers weekly at Kaiser in Vacaville, and when called to patients in the beds of other Northern California hospitals. He provides spiritual support, encouragement, scripture and prayer to hospital patients, as well as vets at the Northern California Veterans Stand-downs. Larry is also a Chaplain with the Lord’s Knights Chapter for CMA, and reaches motorcyclists with the word of God wherever he rides.

Ruben Rivera, Chaplain

Ruben is a mentor for families in the Riverside area. He has a gift in the knowledge of God’s Word. He works with youth, in prisons, hospitals and those in need. He conducts bible studies and attends churches to collate fellowship.

Steve Beck, Chaplain

Steve works with youth and home studies. He teaches and preaches the word of God at homes and churches. His heart is outreaching to the youth in Riverside and surrounding San Bernardino County areas. Steve also works within corporations, critical incidents, hospital, hospices, and jails.

Adalberto Castro, Chaplain (Brea)

Anthony LaMonica, Chaplain (Pomona)

Brian DiGuiseppe, Chaplain (Mission Viejo)

Joe & Kalani Vasquez, Chaplains (Laguna Niguel)

Frank Venegaz, Chaplain (Ontario)

Juan Salas, Chaplain (Pomona)

Mario Kelly, Chaplain (San Bernardino)

Paul Michael Rios, Chaplain (Victorville)


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